Rajini Menon

Welcome to the “Author” page of Westside Friends! Here you will get to know Rajini Menon, the founder of our company and a recognized expert in the world of online gambling.

About Rajini Menon

Rajini Menon was born and raised in Mumbai, India. From an early age, she showed an interest in technology and games, which later led her to a career in the IT industry. After earning a degree in computer science from one of India’s leading universities, Rajini began working at major technology companies, where she gained extensive knowledge and experience in data security and software development.

Founding Westside Friends

The idea to create her own online gambling platform came to Rajini during a business trip abroad, where she first encountered innovations in online casinos and betting. Seeing the potential and opportunities that the online gambling industry in India offered, Rajini decided to create a platform that would combine the best global practices and meet the needs of Indian users.

In 2018, she founded Westside Friends with the aim of providing a safe and fair gambling platform. Under her leadership, the company quickly grew to become one of the leaders in the industry. Rajini always strives to implement the latest technologies and maintain high service standards.

Expertise and Achievements

Rajini Menon is a recognized expert in online gambling and regularly participates in international conferences and seminars. Her articles and presentations are highly respected in the professional community. Thanks to her vision and leadership, Westside Friends not only offers high-quality gaming services but also actively promotes a responsible approach to gambling.

Personal Qualities and Philosophy

Rajini is known for her relentless pursuit of excellence, honesty, and transparency in business practices. She believes in the importance of building trusting relationships with users and is always ready to listen to their opinions and suggestions. Outside of work, Rajini enjoys reading, traveling, and engages in charity work, supporting educational initiatives for youth in India.


Rajini Menon expresses her sincere gratitude to all Westside Friends users for their trust and support. Her goal is to make your gaming experience as enjoyable and safe as possible, and she continues to work on improving the platform every day.